Celebrity Look Alike

Have you ever asked yourself:
Which celebrity do I look like?

There is an app for that and it's trendy.
Lots of press and hype around this kind of apps, so you can get tons of traffic.

A fully developed Android app that you can upload on the Google Play or do whatever you want with it, like adding this functionality into any of your existing app.

User can select a photo or take a photo
We use a 3rd party API to upload the photo and the server response will tell us the name of celebrity that matches the uploaded photo.
We use the celebrity name to find a matching photo online then show the result to the user.
The API is free for 2000 requests per month or you can upgrade to a paid membership.

Price: $ 59
Order Worry Free.
We stand behind our products with confidence!
Unlimited FREE support included.

Demo APK

Test on your own device. Some images may be watermarked
in the demo apk. The app template you will buy will have all
watermarks removed

Your app can be next

Lots of apps gain so much organic traffic after celebrities started to post about face match apps.
Boost your Android portfolio downloads and user base with this cool app.