How to Turn iOS Apps into Profit in 2024
A $13,000 Success Story

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how you, as a developer, can turn iOS apps into a significant profit in 2024. This blog draws inspiration from the remarkable success of one of our customers who managed to sell their app, originally a $119 app template, for an impressive $13,000! See the Flippa app sale here.

1) Unleashing Creativity: Developing Your iOS App

Start by either developing an original app concept or choosing from available templates. The goal is to create an app that stands out in the market. For instance, our AirPods Finder app, launched in 2019 with a basic $119 template, was purchased by customers who then added new features and updates, leading to their financial success.

2) Accelerate with App Templates

Don't worry if you're not a programmer! You can find a wide range of iOS app templates on our website, designed for easy customization. This is your shortcut to launching your app on the App Store. Many of our clients, even those without coding experience, are thriving on the App Store.

3) Publish Your App on the iOS App Store

When your app is complete, launch it on the iOS App Store. Ensure it meets Apple's guidelines for a smooth approval process. Think about different ways to make money from your app, like in-app purchases, subscriptions, or ads. Aim to earn revenue without hurting the user experience.

For instance, our client didn't just use the AirPods Finder template as it was. They invested in adding subscription options, made minor design improvements, and introduced new features to enhance the app.

4) List Your App on Flippa

Once your app has a track record of revenue and user engagement, it's time to list it on Flippa. Here's how:

Create an Appealing Listing
Create an account on Flippa, then start selling. Highlight your app's unique features, revenue, user base, and growth potential. Use the success story of "Device Finder: Find Lost Earbud" as inspiration. Thousands of businesses are looking to acquire existing apps, allowing them to concentrate on their strengths in marketing and elevating apps to new heights. As a developer, you have a significant opportunity to cater to this demand.

Determine Your Price
Set a realistic price based on your app's earnings, growth potential, and the niche it serves. For instance, there are apps generating as little as $70 a month that get sold for $1,500 or more. Take the case of a Document Manager app, which utilized our PDF Scanner app template and was sold for $2,500. See the Flippa app sale here.

Engage with Potential Buyers
Be responsive to inquiries and provide potential buyers with all the necessary information.
With Flippa's updated guidelines, it's crucial to update your app's user interface and functionality soon after it gets approved. This ensures compliance with Flippa's rules.

Also, maintain transparency with buyers about the app's source code. Inform them if the app was entirely developed by you or if it originated from an Apps4World app template. This honesty is important for a smooth transaction.

5) Close the Deal

Work with Flippa’s platform to finalize the sale. Ensure a smooth transition by offering support to the new owner if needed.
Utilize App Store Connect to transfer your app to the new owner and then share the source code with them. For secure payment transactions, Flippa Escrow is an excellent option, or you can also use PayPal through Flippa.


Selling apps on Flippa can be a lucrative opportunity for developers. By either creating your own unique app or using ready-made templates from Apps4World, you can quickly enter the market. Remember, the key is to build a solid app, generate revenue, and maintain a strong user base. With these elements in place, you can successfully sell your app on Flippa, just like the "Device Finder: Find Lost Earbud" app. Start today and tap into the potential of this exciting opportunity!

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Q) Is it permissible to resell the source code from Apps4World?
A) No, selling the original Apps4World source code is not permitted. However, you are allowed to sell the app you published on the App Store, which was developed using this source code, and then transfer the modified source code to the new owner.

Q) Will the new owner receive source code support?
A) Although we do not offer support for transferred source code at this time, you can share the Flippa (or other platform) sale link along with the new owner's contact email. We'll make an effort to assist them with any source code inquiries.

Q) Am I allowed to sell multiple copies of the identical app?
A) Most marketplaces, such as Flippa, have policies against publishing cloned apps, so it's essential to avoid doing this. However, you can use the original source code to develop new apps. For instance, apps like Wallpapers or Widgets can be customized for various topics, such as Anime Wallpapers, Dark Mode Wallpapers, Girly Widgets, or Car Enthusiasts Widgets.

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Thanks for reading!