We Make It Happen

Take a look at the most memorable moments of last year and see what we achieved together.


New App Templates

In 2023, we launched over 25 apps, including trending AI apps, VigilSec VPN, and Widgets.


Saved via Subscription

The Monthly Subscription saved subscribers over $2,000 this year, a discount of over 47%.


Customer Triumph

A client sold their AirPods Tracker app for $13,000. See their Flippa app sale here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many apps do I get each month with the monthly subscription?

    Each month we publish between 2 and 4 apps. You will get each new app for that month as soon as they are developed.

  • What if in one month we publish no apps?

    This is unlikely to happen, but in such event, you will be granted the option to either choose any 2 older apps, or you will get one month free.

  • With the monthly subscriptions, can I get any app I want?

    You will get all the new apps that we will publish after you subscribe. You will not get any apps that we published before you had an active monthly subscription.

  • Can I cancel the monthly subscription?

    Yes, you can cancel your monthly subscription via PayPal at any time. As soon as your monthly subscription is cancelled, you will stop receiving new apps from that moment onwards. Learn more on PayPal website.

  • May I subscribe again to the monthly subscription?

    Yes, you can subscribe again after 3 months from the moment you cancelled your existing subscription. We have implemented this policy to ensure the integrity of our subscription service and prevent abuse of the system.

  • Is it possible for me to select apps from various bundles?

    Unfortunately, you are not allowed to choose four apps from different bundles. You must select all four apps from a single bundle provided on the iOS App Template Bundles page.

  • What if the apps I desire are not included in any of the available bundles?

    If the specific apps you desire are not included in any of our existing bundles, please contact us at support@apps4world.com with the list of apps you wish to purchase. We can then provide you with a customized pricing quote for those individual apps to meet your requirements.