Start by creating a Google Firebase account if you don't have one, then follow this tutorial.

1) Go to your Firebase project and select Firebase Firestore
On the left side, you can select the Firebase Firestore.

2) Find any Amazon product URL then add the details to Firebase
For this example, we can use this Amazon product URL:

See the part after /dp/ in the URL is very important. You will be using that as the ASIN, which must be unique in Firebase.

3) Click 'Start Collection' in Firebase
Now you will create the "popular" collection in Firebase. The name for the Collection ID will be popular

Click 'Next' and for the Document ID, paste your ASIN from step #2. In this example, I will paste B08N5N6RSS then click the 'Save' button.

4) Click 'Add field' after your select document that you just created
It is important that you repeat this step, so you can add all the fields listed below. All field Type will be set as String.

Here are all the fields you must complete:
ASIN - value will be the same as the value in the URL after the /dp/ part
detailPageURL - value will be your Amazon product URL or even your own e-commerce product URL
imageUrl - value will be the product image URL, either from Amazon or provide your own image URL
listPrice - value will be the listing price with the currency, for example '$9.99'
price - value will be the actual price, which can be the same as list price or lower '$7.29'
rating- value will be the starts rating, for example '4.8' which represents the stars/rating
title - value will be the product title

That's all you have to do


Q) What is the recommended image size?
A) It is better to have your images in a smaller size optimized for mobile experience. You can use Figma or Sketch, so you can create your product images with the correct size that will fit perfectly on iPhone's screen size.

Q) I have added a product, but it does not show in the app. Why is that?
A) Make sure you have the GoogleServices-Info.plist file added to the app. You can find the instructions in the tutorial link at the top. Also, make sure that you have added all the fields mentioned in the previous step. All fields names are case-sensitive, so you can not use 'imageurl' instead of 'imageUrl', the field name must match the ones provided above.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to send an email to
Thanks for reading!