*** What is PurchaseKit ***
A solution for you, developers, and businesses to integrate in-app purchases into your apps with just 3 simple steps. This product will save you days or even weeks of development.

The PurchaseKit private framework will take care of loading the products, handling the in-app purchases and subscriptions, and more.

The PK iAP screens/themes shown in the screenshots above will magically show the price, free trials (introductory price), and all the necessary elements. You don't have to do anything, but you can definitely edit these screens if needed.

Download the docs to learn more.

*** Why use In-App Purchases ***
Having a free app is a great strategy to get users to explore what you have to offer at first. Adding in-app subscriptions can definitely create a great source of passive income for you, assuming that users won't cancel their auto-renewable subscriptions. Apps like Calm and Headspace generated over $50 billion in 2019.


The PurchaseKit framework. The PK iAP screens/themes as shown in the screenshots above. Documentation on how to easily integrate the PurchaseKit into your iOS apps. A demo app to demonstrate how to add in-app purchases into your SwiftUI app. You can also add this into a Swift app as well.

You will need a Mac computer with Xcode 13+ installed. Supports iOS 13+ and iAP screens are built with SwiftUI. Also, you must go to the App Store Connect website and create your own In-App Purchase product ids as well as app-shared secret.

- PurchaseKit framework takes care of fetching the SKProducts from the App Store Connect for a given array of product id that you will specify.
- Presenting the in-app purchase screen, you will see that it will automatically show all given products, so when the user taps to purchase a given product id, the PurchaseKit framework will make a request to Apple to purchase that product.
- The response from Apple will come to the PurchaseKit, which will be parsed and send back to the iAP screen the error (if there is one), the status of the purchase, and the product identifier. At this point, you will decide what to do with this response. Maybe remove ads or unlock other features/content in your app.


NOTE: We do not support Non-Renewing Subscriptions at this moment. Only Consumable, Non-Consumable, and Auto-Renewable Subscriptions.

If you read through Apple's documentation, you will see that they are recommending to use a server in order to validate the receipt for a subscription. We do not offer a server-side validation. Make sure you do your own research on the pros & cons of not using server-side validation. You won't get the source code for the framework. We maintain it.

Please feel free to ask questions: support@apps4world.com

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